Could Counselling Help?

Are you struggling in some aspect of your life just now? Perhaps you have been given a diagnosis of anxiety or depression or other mental health issue; maybe you are experiencing difficulties in a relationship; feeling distressed or disconnected from life in some way and don’t know why or what to do about it.

Counselling is a form of help for anyone experiencing emotional, psychological or interpersonal distress or who needs time to explore, identify and work through personal issues or difficulties.

I am a fully qualified and experienced counsellor who has been working in the mental health sector since the beginning of 2008, initially part time in the voluntary and low cost sector and more recently also in private practice.

I work with adults, older adolescents, and more recently autistic adults, who experience a wide range of issues including depression, anxiety disorders, stress, anger issues, low self confidence, relationship issues, self-harming behaviours, interpersonal and developmental trauma, suicidal feelings, borderline traits, experiencing a stuckness or disconnectedness in life or a sense of something not right that is beginning to affect their quality of life. A significant proportion of the clients I see have had one or more adverse experiences in childhood leading to a range of presenting symptoms and issues as adults. Sometimes indviduals have lived with the impact of such an experience or experiences throughout their life whereas for others a recent incident at work or in a relationship has made them realise their need to seek professional help.

We all expereince distress at various times in our lives and often we have the individual resources to cope and address these issues ourselves. At times,however, we need someone to help and support us, and my experience as a counsellor over the last ten years has shown me again and again the value professional counselling can bring in helping individuals address life issues, turn their lives around and in some cases find or reconnect with a life they had misplaced.

Please browse the site and get in touch if you would like more information or arrange an initial session.